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"Posters never fail to get the attention of curious passers by"

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We offer very competitive prices for Large Format printing!

Large format posters never fail to catch the public’s attention. Their large size, combined with good design is a sure way to draw the attention of curious passers by. Create your own large format advertising posters in a variety of paper sizes and finishes. No minimum order. Order a single poster or order lots of posters! Bluefrog offers large format poster printing in any quantity you like, as little or as many posters as you need. 

Large Format Posters are Perfect for

  1. In-Store Advertising
  2. Upcoming Promotions
  3. In The Home
  4. Bus Shelter Adverts
  5. Window Advertisement
  6. Product & Price Lists
  7. Product Launches
  8. Party Banners


At Bluefrog we print posters on a wide range of materials including matte, gloss and lightbox film.

  • Satin finishes have a smooth to touch, lightly sheened finish to give a contemporary look and a quality feel.
  • A high gloss finish makes images and colours look sharper and are ideal for designs heavy on photos or graphic design.
  • Posters can also be printed on a translucent film for use in light boxes and back-lit menu boards and signage.
  • Standard sizes are A3, A2, A1, A0, plus any other size you need.